BJJ Training – The Jab Movement

Posted Dec 23rd 2020

Once you start with BJJ training, you’ll run across the term “The Jab Movement.” The definition of movement is the act of making a change in a physical position, and another definition refers to people that are working together to make a change occur. BJJ training uses both these definitions to define what is happening in the gyms through the use of discipline, stretching, and exercise. This allows participants to learn more about their strengths while at the same time encouraging a shift in mindset on a collective basis to discover the whole health of the participant. The Jab Movement is a school program that teaches youngsters how to deal with bullying.

BJJ Gym Training and Bullying

Children are especially susceptible to being bullied, and it’s time to handle the situation from different perspectives. While the government has put together many different programs to help stop bullying, the problem continues. By sending a child to a BJJ gym, the youngster can learn how to defend himself against any physical bullying actions while at the same time learning how to handle the situation at an emotional level.

Bullying is meant to bring the other person down to a lower level. The bully enjoys watching the other person suffer as he inflicts his power over the individual. The morale of children that are being bullied can sink very low very fast, and even parents do not fully understand all of the effects that this can have on the child. Many deep-seated emotions are taking place, and all of them may not be discussed. The child may not even realize what is taking place inside.

The best way to go from effect to cause is to know how to handle the situation. BJJ gym training addresses the physical and emotional impact of bullying so that the victim can become cause over the situation. Once that occurs, the bully usually goes on to find a new victim that he can overpower.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training and the Jab Movement

The Jab Movement begins with a forward-thinking process that includes educational experience and builds up from there. The objective is to empower children so that they can have a voice and be heard. Children are encouraged to become leaders by finding the inner strengths they possess. This allows the best qualities and attitudes to come to light and to become strengthened.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training is the building block that forms the foundation of resilient and strong citizens. Bullying has become an epidemic in North America, and it’s estimated by the National Center for Educational Statistics that about 1 out of every 5 children in schools are subject to bullying. As well, approximately 33% of the bullying situations reported are repeat incidents. These numbers are too high and we encourage you to embrace the vision we have to create a new future where bullying becomes a thing of the past. This is best done by showing children how to handle any situations where they are feeling victimized.

School-aged children can suffer from a number of different issues due to being bullied including the following:

  • Poor adjustment to school
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Much more

School boards across the country have implemented bullying prevention as a part of their curriculums but fall short of integrating a 100% non-bullying environment. Studies have shown that programs run by schools can decrease the amount of bullying by up to approximately 25%, but much more is needed to eradicate the problem completely.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – An Anti-Bullying Tool
BJJ includes both mental skills and movements that when combined are effective tools to deal with to prevent bullying. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a contact sport and martial art that gives children the opportunity to learn more about perseverance and respect for others. When a child goes into the gym regularly and learns these important qualities, it naturally translates into everyday life. BJJ is a martial arts program that incorporates non-striking into its program and is the only one of this kind that is currently being taught in America. It emphasizes the gentle art of mental and physical skills.

We often think of fighting when we are looking at the different types of martial arts available but Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu concentrates on defusing situations before they have a chance to become physical. This is done through learning techniques, which include submission and control. The students at the BJJ gym are taught how to defend themselves without the need to hurt the aggressive bully.

The Jab Movement
The Jab Movement works within the framework of a strategic plan that will be implemented across the nation. It is a school program that teaches how to use leverage instead of having to rely on strength only. This leverage can effectively and safely subdue an aggressor without causing bodily injury.

The program consists of 20 sessions that start with a warm-up. A demonstration of the technique and the development of it is then taught to students and this is followed by a game that uses the technique that was taught. This allows every student to apply the strategic movements they have learned in the demonstration. All of the classes have been specifically designed to match the ages and abilities of the school children.

Bullying is a concern for everyone in our society and not just for parents. Our future generation is at stake if bullies are allowed to get away with their actions as children. Putting real and effective solutions into place, along with the current preventative strategies, can help kids across the world become stronger and more able to deal with situations as they make their way towards adulthood. A nation without bullies can become a reality when the proper solutions are put into place.

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