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The History of BJJ Training

Posted Jan 27th 2021

In order to understand the history of BJJ training it’s important to take a look at Japan during the samurai times. The samurai were pre-modern Japanese warriors who made up the military ruling class during the Edo Period between 1603 and 1867. They rose to the ranks of the highest social caste during this time. They are well known for using a sword as a weapon but they also used guns, spheres and bows and arrows.

There was a code of conduct in place by the name of Bushido and there were special rules to follow within this code. The samurai were expected to show loyalty to the master, have strong self-discipline and act in an ethical manner.

The samurai had a fearsome reputation but at times they would find themselves in a situation where they needed to fight but were unprepared and unarmed. They needed to find a type of self-defense that could be used in battle without arms and this is how BJJ training first started.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training

During Japan’s feudal period, a practitioner of jiu-jitsu named Jigoro Kano developed a newer style of BJJ, which became known as Kodokan Judo. This newer style was taught to officers and law enforcement and it also became Japan’s national martial art. This Brazilian jiu-jitsu training quickly gained in popularity and was used as both a means of self-defense and as a sport.

Mitsuyo Maeda, who was a prize student of Kodokan Judo, was sent to the United States to represent the new martial art form. He didn’t feel comfortable in America so decided to leave the country and made his way over to Brazil.

Mitsuyo Maeda was an expert in judo and classical jiu-jitsu but he was also familiar with some wrestling techniques. He had learned these wrestling moves during the time he had previously spent in England.

When Maeda went to Brazil, the father of Carlos Gracie made him feel welcome and helped him get settled in his new country. Maeda decided to pass on his extensive knowledge of martial arts to the Gracie family since he felt a lot of gratitude to the family for helping him get used to his surroundings in Brazil.

Carlos Gracie opened the first martial arts school in Brazil along with his brothers based on their newfound skills and knowledge. This is the true beginning of Brazilian jiu-jitsu training. The style of training that was passed on by Maeda was changed and adapted to fit the ideas of the Gracie brothers. Since this time, BJJ training has spread across the world and the Gracies became one of the richest families ever in the history of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Ultimate Fighting Championship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was first held in 1993. Rorion Gracie was one of the cofounders of the event and it included fighters from different martial arts and fighting genres including Muay Thai, wrestling, kung fu and karate. The idea was to uncover the best style of martial arts. At this first tournament, Royce Gracie was the representative of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and was the ultimate winner of the event.

At the beginning it was expected that this would be a one-off event but due to its extreme popularity it became a regular tournament. Royce ended up winning 3 of the first 4 events held, which was a phenomenal achievement. It put BJJ training more firmly on the map. Fighters that were entering these tournaments also decided to add different styles to their fighting forms and one of the most popular additions was BJJ. Participants saw that the groundwork involved with BJJ was able to get their opponents to submit easier.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Today

Today, Brazilian jiu-jitsu training continues to gain popularity. One of the reasons why so many people decide to study this form of martial arts is it is a realistic type of self-defense. Some of the other martial art styles include high, complex kicks that the average person may not be able to conquer. BJJ is a real-life form of combat that offers a great workout while at the same time providing impressive self-defense moves that can be easily taught and learned.

BJJ Classes Etobicoke

In the Toronto area you can take BJJ classes Etobicoke and get involved in a great sport that also provides the important benefit of learning how to defend yourself should you need it. In this day and age, learning the art of self-defense should be something that everyone considers in order to feel safe and confident.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu training not only teaches a person how to use self-defense but also shows how conflicts can be resolved without violence. There are BJJ classes Etobicoke offered for children as well, and they are perfect for any child that is being bullied. Bullying is a common problem in the GTA and across the world. It’s important for children to learn how to handle bullying situations so that they don’t constantly feel like they don’t have any control left.

Even children that are not being subjected to bullying at school can learn a lot from these programs. BJJ training shows both children and adults how to find their inner strength so that they can feel confident about confronting a variety of different situations. Another skill set that is learned from this type of training is the ability to focus. During Brazilian jiu-jitsu training a person must be able to block out other thoughts and concentrate on what is happening in front of them. This ability to focus can then be extended to other parts of daily life.

Overall, BJJ training offers people a chance to improve their lives in many ways. The best way to experience this is to sign up for the training and then see for yourself all of the benefits it provides. Many people that start to take classes decide to stick with it since many of the benefits can be felt right away.

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